Optimal Longevity Consultation

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Get to the root cause of what is holding you back from achieving your greatness and optimal wellness and longevity. This consultation is done online and includes:

1. Comprehensive Health questionnaire to pull out potential areas that are holding you back and may require additional assessment through testing.

2. ​​45 minutes with Dr. Gordon, Board Certified Cardiologist and Ant-aging Specialist and Veronica Davis Gordon, LifeCoach. Together we will “read between biological lines” and create a personalized, precision plan of action to help you achieve optimal wellness.

3. ​Identify the first action you need to take to restore your wellness, coaching on how to start, and supporting steps you can use to accelerate your results.

4. Access to state of the art lab testings for you, that will reveal the specific “red flags” that are blocking you from your optimal performance and health now.

5. Findings and recommendations will be discussed with you and forwarded to you via email.