Cleerly Scan


Our Cleerly scans are interpreted by Mark R. Gordon, MD, FACC, a Board Certified Cardiologist with additional training in cardiac CT (Heart CT scans.) This is to ensure the highest quality interpretation and review of your results. (You should expect your results to be reviewed by a Board Certified Cardiologist.)

More than 50% of people who suffer a heart attack do so without experiencing any prior symptoms. 75% of heart attacks are caused by a narrowing of less than 70% (which would not be detected on a stress test). That’s why we offer the Cleerly coronary analysis: to assess your present-day heart disease risk accurately before a cardiac event. AI-powered, this new approach supports understanding coronary plaques using FDA-cleared technologies.

Cleerly is the only test that identifies the amount and type of plaque in your heart, especially the higher-risk soft plaque, which is prone to rupture and leads to heart attacks.

The Cleerly scan is the only way to know with certainty whether you are at risk for a heart attack.


Cleerly Artificial Intelligence technology takes coronary CT angiography to the next level. Do you want to know if there is plaque in your coronary arteries and whether it is old calcified plaque, fresher soft plaque, or potentially unstable plaque that could rupture and lead to a heart attack? Well, this technology is for you. No catheters need to be placed in your body. In under 10 minutes, you can have an out-patient test involving only a needle and a contrast agent. This test goes well beyond invasive coronary angiography and coronary CT angiography. Unlike those two tests, the Clearly AI technology can determine the exact amount of plaque, the severity of any plaque, stable vs. unstable narrowings, and the nature of it so we can more precisely plan your treatment. We’ve had patients who had this done and needed to have a stent and other patients who had abnormal stress tests and had an essentially normal Cleerly scan. They were reassured that they had no significant plaque warranting anything more than treatment to stabilize and regress the mild plaque they had. This test quantitates the total amount of plaque, so repeat studies can show if the treatment you are on is working.

This technology was recently discussed in Tony Robbins’ new book, LifeForce. Here is a quote from that book: “…one of the greatest breakthroughs in cardiovascular disease in recent memory: the use of artificial intelligence to read a heart scan and differentiate between safe and dangerous plaque… this new AI-guided approach to CCTA – coronary CT angiography – called Cleerly can detect the warning signs so that you can take action to prevent it…Cleerly can distinguish between safe and dangerous plaque before a heart attack. Cleerly slashes the number of unnecessary cardiac procedures by determining whether they’re necessary in the first place.”

Wherever you live, we can arrange for the test to be done near you. Feel free to call us for more details.

Price includes pre-procedure consultation by Dr. Gordon, Cleerly AI evaluation of coronary CT scan, and post-procedure review of results by Dr. Gordon. The CT scan cost is billed separately from the imaging center where the scan is done. The price of the scan is between $500 and $750.

After Dr. Gordon reviews your Cleerly scan results, you can schedule an optional 45-minute complete consultation and assessment with The Longevity Cardiologist and the Longevity Coach for $350 for a thorough review of the results with recommendations to minimize your cardiovascular risk.

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