Heart Disease Takes a Life Every 33 Seconds in the US.

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Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the Western world. We can help reduce your risk and improve your overall wellness! A Board-Certified Cardiologist, Longevity Expert, and Longevity Coach will assist you on your path to personalized precision wellness and longevity.

With our evidence-based approach to Longevity Science, Longevity Coaching, and our White Glove Concierge Service, you will be in the best hands to achieve your health and life goals.

It's time to start a new chapter in your book of LIFE!! We aim to help you achieve Optimal Cardiovascular Wellness And Longevity! We look forward to you joining us as a Longevity Partner and helping you achieve your physical, mental, and spiritual goals!


Science-Based Personalized Longevity

A Transformation in Heart Health, Wellness, and Longevity,

utilizing a Personalized Precision approach with

State-of-the-art Diagnostics, Lifestyle Coaching,

and Natural Therapeutics.

"Take a journey and find the beauty in your best self."

What people are saying about us...

"Veronica and Dr. Mark have done more to improve my health in the past six months than I was able to accomplish in the past 20 years of trying to 'do it myself'."~ Johanna, San Diego, CA

"I love the approach of Dr. Gordon and Veronica, getting to the root cause of my problems instead of just prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms and cover up the real issues."~ Jonathan, Minneapolis, MN

"Stress was ruining my health: a stressful job, the recent death of my mother, and a divorce. I wasn't leading a healthy lifestyle. I knew something had to change. I found Longevity Personalized through a mutual friend. They helped me change my bad habits, take the right supplements, and live healthier. I'm halfway through my personalized program now and have seen great improvement in sleep, stress levels, and energy."~ Maggie, Los Angeles, CA

"I have a family history of heart disease; my mother and grandfather died of strokes, and my grandmother died of congestive heart failure. Dr. Gordon performed vascular testing on me and identified the earliest stages of vascular disease. He prescribed a detoxification program and other supplements. Months later, we were already seeing improvement in my vascular tests"~ Rick, Sturgis, SD

"Veronica and Mark were really able to help me with my mental blocks that were preventing me from implementing the things I knew I needed to do to improve my health."~ Shawn, Beverly Hills, CA

"With the problems found by Veronica and Dr. Gordon, I made big changes in my lifestyle. I have more energy, my labs and vascular tests have improved, and now I feel I finally have control over my future health."~ Elizabeth, Jackson, WY

"Veronica and Dr. Gordon are the perfect partnership to help you with your wellness. Dr. Gordon's expertise in cardiovascular health, depth of knowledge in anti-aging and longevity strategies, and Veronica's dedication to helping others transform their lives gave me back the wellness I had lost over decades of being in the corporate grind. Now, I have peace regarding my physical and spiritual health."~ Cassie, Sedona, AZ

"I had lost my competitive edge. I love skiing and I am a competitive mountain biker. I went through the program and found problems with blood flow to my tissues as well as a few other problems. The regimen prescribed by Mark and Veronica allowed me to regain my peak physical performance and I'm now enjoying actively competing again."~ Mario, Santa Fe, NM

"I'm a 55-year-old executive. I was having weird chest pains. Dr. Gordon had me get a Cleerly scan. A severe blockage was found, and I had a stent. I had a dental abscess for about a year, causing inflammation and damaging my blood vessels. Now, I'm on the right supplements and have my mindset on track. I'm more productive in my business, and my relationships have improved. It's amazing how much physical health affects mental and financial health! Thanks, Veronica and Dr. Gordon!"~ Richard, San Diego, CA

"Menopause caused everything to go wrong with my body. My regular doctor didn't do much except prescribe drugs. I was gaining weight. I wasn't sleeping well, was irritable, and was having palpitations. After seeing Veronica and Dr. Gordon, they ordered some lab tests on me. Within two months of following their recommendations, my palpitations were gone, my energy returned, I lost 10 pounds, and I felt like I was getting my life back."~Evelyn, Colorado

Names and photos are changed to protect individual privacy.