Great Adventure

The Great Adventure membership takes a deep dive into your health to maximize longevity. Design your optimal wellness and longevity with expert guidance. This is a 90-day program to assess your cardiovascular health and longevity. There are many additional advanced labs and an assessment of your microvascular circulation. You will receive a state-of-the-art biometrics package to monitor your progress.

Additionally, you will have ready access to the Longevity Cardiologist and the Longevity coach. You will be guided through this process, and we will provide you with a truly White Glove Health experience. Weekly calls with our Longevity team and monthly 90-minute visits with the Cardiologist are just part of the perks. You deserve this high-level concierge health assessment. Also, you will receive ongoing support and recommendations and have ready access to the Cardiologist or Coach 2-3 times a week via text or phone calls on weekdays. Urgent access is always available.

The Seeker package is a prerequisite to the Great Adventure and Grand Journey. The Seeker package is $350, and when you choose to proceed with a membership, this amount will be applied to your package price. See the link below to order your Seeker package. Take the step now to put your health first!

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Three Months to Define Your Path to Longevity!

~ Includes ~

  • 12-month Membership as a Longevity Partner, with…
  • 12-month Concierge access to Longevity Personalized for messaging, email, and scheduling of follow-up appointments
  • Exclusive Access to Live Monthly Webinars
  • Access to Online Educational Resources
  • Invitations to Exclusive Live Events in Carlsbad, Sedona, and Sturgis

~ Initial Evaluation ~

  • Extensive Medical History and Wellness Questionnaire
  • Extensive Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • 2-hour Cardiovascular Consultation and Longevity Coaching Focus Assessment
  • Cardiovascular Physical Exam
  • EKG
  • Review of any recent labs
  • Personalized Longevity Blueprint with input from You, the Longevity Coach, and the Longevity Cardiologist
  • 30-minute follow-up Coaching Session via Zoom or phone call following the Longevity Assessment
  • (Appointments can be in person or virtual. In-person is preferred)

~ Labs ~

  • Cardiac Health Panel
  • Apo E Testing
  • Inflammatory Biomarkers
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • Complete Blood Count
  • Omega 3 RBC Testing
  • RBC Magnesium Testing
  • Vitamin D Testing
  • Diabetes/Pre-diabetes Testing
  • Complete Thyroid Panel
  • Urine Micro Albumin
  • IGF-1 Testing
  • Adiponectin

~ Diagnostic Testing ~

~ Biometrics ~

  • Oura Ring (includes physician interpretation of data)
  • Qardio Base (includes physician interpretation of data)
  • Qardio Arm (includes physician interpretation of data)
  • HeartMath Inner Balance Coherence Plus (includes physician interpretation of data)

~ Additional Cardiologist and Coaching Visits During the Three Months ~

  • Monthly 90-minute Live or Virtual Visits with the Longevity Cardiologist
  • Weekly 30-minute visits with the Longevity Coach
  • Weekly 15-minute calls with the Longevity Cardiologist
  • Weekly emailing and texting with the Longevity Cardiologist and Coach
  • Final 90-minute follow-up visit at the end of 3 months with the Longevity Cardiologist and Longevity Coach

(Maintenance programs are available upon completion).

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