Do you need to know where you’re at with your Heart Health?  This one-month program will give you the starting point for Discovering YOU.  Perhaps you know you need an assessment and have just been putting it off. Invest in yourself and take this critical step. This program includes full access to all Longevity Personalized teaching and coaching webinars and complimentary invitations to all live events in Carlsbad, Sedona, and Sturgis. Order today, and we will contact you to arrange your initial evaluation.


One month to Discover Your Best YOU

~ Includes ~

  • 12-month Membership as a Longevity Partner, with…
  • 12-month Concierge access to Longevity Personalized for messaging, email, and scheduling of follow-up appointments
  • Exclusive Access to Live Monthly Webinars
  • Access to Online Educational Resources
  • Complementary Invitations to Exclusive Live Events in Carlsbad, Sedona, and Sturgis

~ Initial Evaluation ~

  • Two Hours in Person with the Longevity Cardiologist and Coach (virtual option available)
  • Designing your Best Self with our Longevity Coach
  • Extensive Online Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Extensive Online Medical Questionnaire
  • Longevity Cardiologist and Coach Review of Questionnaires to Determine Health, Personal, and Career Goals.
  • Review of Recent Labs
  • Cardiovascular Physical Exam
  • Advanced Lipid Testing to Include Inflammatory Markers
  • EKG (in office)

~ Two to Four Weeks ~

  • Two 1 hour Personal Coaching Sessions (phone or virtual)

~ One Month Assessment ~

  • 75 minutes with the Longevity Cardiologist and Coach (in person or virtual)
  • Test Results interpretation and review with the Longevity Cardiologist
  • Longevity Cardiologist with Written Recommendations
  • Longevity Coach suggestions to implement recommendations
  • Additional Longevity and Cardiovascular Testing Options Reviewed (could include heavy metals testing, gut testing, food sensitivity, hormones, Glycocheck, Cleerly, and others)
  • Personalized Longevity Supplement Recommendations

(Maintenance Programs available after completion of the program)