Veronica Gordon
The Longevity Coach

Longevity Coach Veronica Gordon
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Veronica, our Longevity Coach, completed her coaching education through Coach U and is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) member. She has vast experience as a model, actress, realtor, wife, and mom. She has a passion for helping others achieve their ideal life. Her unique European-multi-racial background, experiences, and world travel give her a diverse perspective on life. Veronica can inspire you to reach your potential by coaching the whole YOU and will help you design a healthy and happy life. A positive mindset is vital to help achieve transformations. Our longevity team will give you a blueprint for those areas that need special attention, and coaching will support you.

Veronica's philosophy on good health and longevity is deeply rooted in love. She believes that love heals and is an essential factor in creating Longevity. Veronica's approach to aging is not about fighting against time but about embracing it with love and grace, and she wants to share the longevity secrets she and the Longevity Cardiologist have.

Veronica has always sought natural remedies to stay healthy, fit, and mentally balanced. These remedies allow one to "age gracefully" and maximize Longevity! Your genes do not define your destiny! There is always time to improve your health and epigenetics. Veronica will work closely with you and Dr. Gordon to help you achieve what your heart desires. You should invest in yourself. Your best life is just around the corner!

"You deserve Excellence…. A  Great Age, Long Life and Longevity."