Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

Longevity Personalized does not accept insurance. Many of the tests we order are not routinely covered by insurance, which can limit our ability to optimize your wellness. At your request, we can provide you with an itemized invoice to submit to your insurance company.  We accept payments from HSA (Health Savings Accounts) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts.)

Can I just book a single visit with you?

It is our philosophy that single visits do not accomplish meaningful long-term results. A long-term relationship with your longevity team is necessary to get you where you want to be. You can't expect that one visit to the gym will cause you to lose weight or get you in shape. If you are interested in what our memberships offer, In that case, we encourage you to order theSeeker package, in which you will have at least an hour with the Longevity Cardiologist and the Longevity Coach to help you decide which membership is best for you.

What does a membership include?

Each membership is different.  We encourage you to go to the LP Memberships page and review all the items included in each membership, from Seeker to Discover to Great Adventure to Grand Journey. With any of these packages, following completion of the package, you can see us for any future coaching or medical services at our discounted rates. The memberships also include access to the Cardiologist and Coach via text, email, and phone calls.

If I get a Cleerly scan or Glycocheck scan with you can I have further appointments with you?

Yes. After each of these tests, Dr. Gordon will review the results and make recommendations based on them. To dive deeper into your cardiovascular health, we offer the Explorer package, in which a more complete review of your current cardiovascular status will occur with more advanced recommendations. Many purchase a package at that point, recognizing the need for long-term follow-up to achieve significant changes to their wellness.

I want to get the Grand Journey package but I already have an Oura Ring. Can that be deleted from the package?

Yes. Any item in any package can be deleted and the package price will be adjusted appropriately.  Likewise, any test or item not in the package you purchase may be added to your package at additional cost.

Can I get tests not listed in the packages?

Yes. We have an unlimited number of tests available from multiple testing companies. If you would like a test that is not listed in the package, we can order it. 

How quickly can I be seen by you?

Generally, we can see you virtually within two business days of your request. There are exceptions if we are traveling. For in-office visits at any of our locations, we may require up to two weeks' notice to book. If we happen to be in the area you are interested in being seen, we can generally see you within two business days.